Women’s College Softball will be big

I’m not kidding. I just turned on ESPN, which is currently showing College Softball, and immediately thought, “What are all these pretty girls doing on TV? Oh look, they’re playing softball! … … … Softball isn’t such a bad sport. Did she just make a diving catch?! … … … She’s cute.” They even do a bio for each player.

Reasons it will be big:

  • There are pretty girls
  • The pretty girls look very, very serious, which escalates the unintentional comedy factor and sometimes makes them even prettier
  • It’s on during the off-season for football and basketball
  • The sport gets significant TV time (because of the previous point)
  • This seems like the kind of pseudo-cult thing that twenty-something and college guys love
  • The game is slow enough that viewers can actually get to know each player
  • It’s a lot like baseball, but not handicapped by the things that make women’s basketball so unwatchable

I’m going to open a Women’s College Softball merchandising company now. It would really help if someone made a mocumentary-type movie about Women’s College Softball (a la Dodgeball)… I’ll start working on that, too.

EDIT: There are even girls who get a running start before they swing, like Happy Gilmore hitting a golf ball! How did I miss this for so long?