Gainesville trip: Day 1

I’m including the little bit of time that I spent with my buddies last night in this day. Basically, we arrived in G-ville around midnight, went to a friend’s place and watched the end of the Rockets vs. Lakers playoff game, then I went home and went to sleep. For about 30 seconds, it was a little strange being in this house since I lived here for 2.5 years before I moved to Texas 3 months ago. But, from then on it was smooth sailin’. I can even still walk around in the dark without bumping into things. My poker table is gone (well, on loan really), so I’ll have to figure out how to get it back so we can play some poker here this week. I crashed in my roommate’s bed because he wasn’t around, but I’m afraid I won’t have the luxury all week… but I can hope, I guess.

Now, I’m off to church and then lunch. I think we’ll probably play basketball some time today and maybe go see a movie tonight. I think it’s going to be a great day.


We played four games today and I didn’t get a single win. All our games were decided by two or less, but it seemed like all my teams just ran outta’ gas right at the end of the game. Regardless, it was fun and I felt really good in all my games. I’m sure we’ll play at least one more time this week, but between ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, bowling and shootin’ pool, I’m afraid there may not be time for more than one more basketball outting.

Tonight, I’m going to the last CRU leadership meeting of the year (as an honorary leader and old guy). I think it’ll be good to see everyone and it’ll guarantee that I see almost all my friends (that’re still around) while I’m here. I’m looking forward to it.


Not much to say

I have about 24 hours to pack for a week trip to Florida. That’s not too bad, but what makes it rough is that I generally avoid checking any luggage at all costs. Federal law says each person on the plane gets one carry-on item, plus one personal item–laptop, bowling ball, purse or whatever–so I might be stretching the “one personal item” into a duffle bag. And, of course, my carry-on item will also be a duffle bag. I’ll probably be bringing a pillow too, since I’ll be crashing on a couch all week and I know that if I don’t bring my own pillow, I’ll lay there all week thinking, “I wish I had my stupid pillow. This little throwpillow just ain’t cuttin’ it.” I don’t care how stupid that sounds because if I have a good pillow, I get good sleep and good sleep helps me ignore anyone who might think I’m stupid for wanting to bring my own pillow.

Anyway, I also have a lot of stuff to put in my bags since I anticipate a pretty action-packed week including basketball, frisbee golf, maybe some ultimate frisbee, a big picnic, CRU and just hangin’ out. Basketball and frisbee golf will dictate that I bring at least two extra pair of shoes (maybe three if I think we might be playing basketball outside) while CRU necessitates another pair of shoes and then I’ll need a pair of shoes for just cruisin’ around Gainesville. That’s like five pair of shoes, which will nearly fill a bag (because shoes can’t be folded).

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of planning to do. First, though, I need to get some sleep.