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Not much to say

I have about 24 hours to pack for a week trip to Florida. That’s not too bad, but what makes it rough is that I generally avoid checking any luggage at all costs. Federal law says each person on the plane gets one carry-on item, plus one personal item–laptop, bowling ball, purse or whatever–so I might be stretching the “one personal item” into a duffle bag. And, of course, my carry-on item will also be a duffle bag. I’ll probably be bringing a pillow too, since I’ll be crashing on a couch all week and I know that if I don’t bring my own pillow, I’ll lay there all week thinking, “I wish I had my stupid pillow. This little throwpillow just ain’t cuttin’ it.” I don’t care how stupid that sounds because if I have a good pillow, I get good sleep and good sleep helps me ignore anyone who might think I’m stupid for wanting to bring my own pillow.

Anyway, I also have a lot of stuff to put in my bags since I anticipate a pretty action-packed week including basketball, frisbee golf, maybe some ultimate frisbee, a big picnic, CRU and just hangin’ out. Basketball and frisbee golf will dictate that I bring at least two extra pair of shoes (maybe three if I think we might be playing basketball outside) while CRU necessitates another pair of shoes and then I’ll need a pair of shoes for just cruisin’ around Gainesville. That’s like five pair of shoes, which will nearly fill a bag (because shoes can’t be folded).

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of planning to do. First, though, I need to get some sleep.

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