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Movin’ on Up

I’ve made my way to Jacksonville and I’ll be here for the next few days before heading to Atlanta. I did most of my Christmas shopping in Gainesville, so that’ll free me up to spend more time with family and friends here since I’m only here for a short time.

Before I forget, I should mention that I had Sushi for the first time the other night. Despite what it actually is, it wasn’t disgusting and I actually enjoyed it. Of course, my favorite was the fried stuff, but there were a bunch of other kinds that I enjoyed too. It wasn’t all that expensive either; I got out the door for eleven bucks or something.

Sushi then to Steak Now

I went to a Japanese Steakhouse tonight and it was a real hoot. Mostly, it was just a Japanese Steakhouse… but then our cook showed up and things got crazy. He was telling us how his wife gained 80 pounds when she got pregnant and then only dropped 20 after she had the baby. Then, some dude at our table points to his girlfriend and says, “She’s gained 20 pounds and we’re not even married.” I don’t know much about co-ed relationships, but that seemed like a low blow and I fully expected her to beat the mess out of him right there. But she held off till later when she laid into him for living at home with his rich parents while he did nothing with his life.

Anyway, our cook kept saying how he wanted a drink, but the management had installed cameras to watch the employees so they wouldn’t get into trouble. Apparently, this guy had gotten suspended for a couple weeks because he got drunk at work a while back. So, near the end of the meal, he starts watching the security screen intently. All of a sudden, he says, “I have 15 seconds!” and he grabs the live-at-home-with-rich-parents guy’s Jack ‘n Coke and chugs it. He explains that he’ll buy a new one, but he had to act while he had the window.

Then, we find out that the slacker guy went to high school with one of the people in my party. It also turns out that the lady to my left–not with my party or slacker guy’s party–also went to their high school and she knew slacker guy’s older sister. Then, an older guy with this lady turns out to be friends with slacker guy’s supervisor. All these people are separated by a max of two degrees. I didn’t bring it up, but I’m betting I know a guy who went to the same high school and probably knew slacker guy. What a small, silly world.

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