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Seventh Meisner class

I’m not a happy camper tonight. I drove down to my class, which was inconveniently rescheduled to 4pm Downtown (I work over 35 miles north of Downtown) only to find that our instructor didn’t show up. Sooo, after sitting around for 40 minutes, I got back in my car and drove home… at 5pm in rush hour traffic. All told, I wasted 3 hours today, driving to nothing at rush hour.

Also, I will be given the option to make up the class some time in the near future. Problem is I took this particular class because it coincided exactly with the window when I would be in town (as opposed to traveling for Thanksgiving, work or Christmas). So, to reschedule will be very difficult and maybe impossible.

Of course the worst part is I’ve been anticipating the end of this class because I’m just not loving it. I’m not too happy about it taking longer than I thought it would.

End rant.

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