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Second Meisner class

This one, while more emotionally and physically draining, was much better overall and I feel like I made a lot of progress from Monday to today. Monday, we started with the repetition exercise and we’ve since been adding levels to the same exercise. As I understand it, this is really the core of Meisner and I expect we’ll be doing it throughout the course.

Tonight, we were to bring in something to ‘do’ that fulfilled three criteria: It had to have personal significance, had to be done under tight time constraints and it had to be difficult. I brought in my guitar and tried to re-string it. It was right on for difficulty, but the time constraint and personal significance had to be embellished. Basically, I ended up trying to restring my guitar while my girlfriend broke up with me and the lead singer of a band yelled at me–the roadie–to get his guitar ready ASAP.

Anyway, I felt a lot more comfortable tonight and I was surprised by the spectrum of emotions I experienced. In general, I’m pretty even keeled, so busting through several emotions in a short period of time was really exhausting for me.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight than I did on Monday.

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