Student Film auditions

Today, I got a couple auditions for student films. One’s a 10-minute short and the other seems to be longer, though I’m not sure it’s feature length. The short audition is Saturday and the other is on Thursday. Both the parts I’ll be reading for seem very doable and I think I’ll make a good showing.

There are two problems: Both auditions are about 45 miles from my place. One is at UNT (in Denton) and one is at UTA (Arlington). They’re basically at opposite ends of earth. I’m glad the UTA audition is on Saturday so I won’t have to mess with traffic. The other problem is that both films shoot on exactly the same dates. Obviously, this is only a problem if I book them both, which is unlikely. My acting coach says “…cross that bridge…”, so I’ll just wait and see.

For now, I’m excited to have two auditions and I don’t feel any anxiety. It’s ironic that the Meisner class I took robbed me of several nights of sleep, but when I have two auditions jump out at me it’s no big deal.