Lessons start Tuesday

It’s official: I’ll be taking private lessons starting on Tuesday and continuing every Tuesday, indefinitely (except April 20, when I’ll be in Gainesville). I’m pretty excited about the opportunity for a lot of reasons: I get to push myself to try something totally new, I get to try something I’ve been interested in for a long time, I get to exercise my creative side a bit more than I do as an engineer. That being said, I’m also very nervous about the whole deal. Realistically, I have no business even attempting acting. I have no background or experience in acting and my knowledge of the subject is almost entirely based on what I’ve seen other actors do. I guess, from some points of view, I’ve done hundreds of hours of research into other actors’ work, but I’m essentially totally ignorant about the business. If nothing, this will be an opportunity for me to continue learning something, which is good because I really enjoy learning.

Tax time

I’ve been meaning to file my income taxes for several weeks now, but I keep forgetting. That’s probably because my return will be next to nothing and I doubt if Uncle Sam would come after me if I didn’t file (in fact, I’m not even sure I’m legally obligated to file). But, I can’t bear the idea of throwing money away (no matter how little it may be), so I’m gonna’ go ahead and take care of that now.