Sixth Meisner class

Last night’s class was a little better, but still very difficult. Two more classes left. I’m sure I’ll take a lot away from this class, but it’s been tough goin’. I’ve been getting a little more positive feedback, but it’s tough for me to tell how genuine it is. I guess I just have to assume it’s genuine and leave it at that.

Anyway, we’re still working with the repetition exercise. Basically, we typically set up a scene where one person has an ‘action’ that has to be done right now. Another person interrupts by knocking on the door. The main character answers, calls the person at the door based on their knock and then repetition begins. The knocker has a specific need that can be fulfilled by the main actor, but the main actor has an objective to complete quickly.

That’s about it. The scenes are usually set up to lead into some sort of fury, which is necessary so that we can get used to allowing ourselves to be affected. It also allows us to become familiar with the gamut of emotions and feelings.

I need sleep.