Off to Vegas for the 2011 WSOP!

You may know that I’ve gone to Vegas once a year for the past several years. I think I’ve been every year since 2006, but I’m not positive about that. In 2009, I spent six weeks there. The other day, I realized that Vegas is the city I visit most frequently (aside from Jacksonville, which is 90 miles away and is where my family lives). This really doesn’t make sense at all – Vegas is essentially the opposite of all things Josh. Of course, it helps that there is some incredible food to be had (if one doesn’t mind visiting some super sketchy neighborhoods).

But here I go again, drawn to Vegas to play poker and visit friends. Before I go, I’m posting about what I’ll be doing (so my friends and family know what’s up). I’m also soliciting suggestions on how I can share the experience with all three of you that read this blog. (Haha, just kidding! There are at least 10 of you.)

What I’ll be doing

I’ll mostly be playing poker and writing “the book”. The WSOP is going on right now, so I’ll play some of the smaller No Limit tournaments and try to win a satellite for a seat into the $10,000 Main Event (the one they show on TV every year). The smaller WSOP tournaments I’ll play will range from a $1,000 to $2,500 buy-in. I’ll also play some other tournaments around Vegas, ranging from $200 to $1,000 buy-ins. I’ll start with the smaller ones to tune up since it’s been a while since I played live poker (or poker at all, really). I’d really like to play the $10k this year – that tournament is almost customized for my style, and I could make a deep run with a little luck.

“The book” is a poker book I’ve been co-writing for about 18 months. It’s about how to use game theory to build a dynamic tournament strategy that can be adjusted as the game changes over time. It’s a lot about the underlying principles and the “whys” of winning tournament poker. A friend of mine is a professional poker player, and she asked me to co-author the book with her because I know her strategy and style very well, and because I’m comfortable writing. I’m hoping we can do some serious work on the book while we’re both in Vegas this summer. It’s a very big project that simply requires time and coordination to keep it moving.

Give me some feedback – what can I do to share the WSOP experience with those who aren’t there?

I get a lot of questions about the WSOP: what it is, what it’s like, and all that. I think it would be fun to use the blog (and Facebook and Twitter) to share a little of the WSOP experience (and maybe my Vegas experience), but I’m not exactly sure how to do that. [Wow, that sentence is terrible.] I could blog, take pics and maybe shoot some video. I’m sure there are other ways I could share the experience as well.

If you want to see what it’s like to at the WSOP, leave me some comments with suggestions on ways I can share. I’ll see what I can put together!


Poker tourney cancelled

I found out on Friday afternoon that Saturday’s poker tournament was cancelled. I was pretty disappointed because I’m confident I could’ve won it. I’ve also been doing reasonably well online lately, although my bankroll hasn’t been growing. I’ve been using cash games and SNGs to fund tournaments. I’ve moneyed in a few recently (some with fields over 1300), but haven’t made the big bucks yet. It seems like the necessary strategy is to play correctly and make the money and then hope luck carries me to the final table. Usually, I bust out on a coin flip, a risk I wouldn’t normally take but, by that time in the tournament, being blinded off is a big threat.

I played some low-stakes No Limit this weekend and did pretty well. I just lost $25 bucks and I’m still up over $30 for the weekend. The $25 went to two bad beats: KQ lost to KJ (I flopped an open-ended straight draw and made top pair on the river; he had two pair) and AA lost to AKs (that last one was all-in before the flop and he made a straight with a AQJTx board). But that’s poker.

Interviewing visit redux

About seven or eight weeks ago, a friend from Florida came out to interview with my company. He’s coming back out this weekend for another go-round. I’m looking forward to having some company and I hope things work out well for him.


I cleaned my apartment tonight for the first time in, ummm, too long. I’d been piece-mealing it for months, but hadn’t done a real thorough job until tonight. I just couldn’t take it anymore. The biggest pain? The new towels I bought several weeks ago apparently leave piles of lint every-freakin’-where. I probably could’ve made a new towel with all the lint I cleaned up.

Tylenol PM is kickin’ and that means I’m gonna’ start gettin’ loopy pretty soon. I’m going to get in bed before that happens so I don’t wake up in the grass downstairs tomorrow.