Designing away

I think I’m about ready to start designing JoshDoody.com. I was going to wait on a friend of mine to help me out, but it sounds like he’s too busy and he may not be getting around to my site for a while. I’m very comfortable with design in general, but I’ve never been too good with aesthetics and such. So, lately, I’ve been reading a lot about different design techniques and I feel I’ve learned enough to design a decent site. I guess I’ll know in a bit.

Lazy Saturday

I played basketball this morning, but I only got two games in. That was frustrating, but what was more frustrating was that I didn’t score any points in either game and I was 0-2. I usually expect to play poorly my first game–I’ve always needed a “warm up” game to get going–but I didn’t expect to play as badly as I did. Granted, I only took one shot in the second game, but that’s because I got so gun shy after my 0-for-5 performance in my first game. I think we could’ve won either game (I think we lost both games by a score of 12-10), but my team just didn’t seem to gel. In the second game, I was guarding my guy out on the perimeter when all of a sudden, I ran smack into a pick. I guess that would’ve been ok if I’d been warned and just didn’t pay attention, but since my teammates never called the pick for me, I was pretty peeved. What was worse was that the guy guarding the pick-setter wasn’t around to switch when I lost my guy. That was one of many easy buckets courtesy of our poor communication.

Later in the day, I took a nap.

This evening, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a little blanket to keep by my couch. The couch is right under a vent, so when the A/C comes on, I get chilled. While I was there, I realized how much easier it would’ve been to decorate my apartment if I’d gone there to begin with. I mean, Target and Wal-Mart have a decent selection and decent prices, but they’ve got nothin’ on the Triple-B. I saw a few things there I’ll probably end up going back to get: a couple bar-stools at 30 bucks each and a little “telephone table” that I would put by the front door and use as a place to drop all the stuff outta’ my pockets when I come home from work.

I’m going to sleep now.