Florida Basketball up to 10-0

There’s not much to say other than that. Our team has just come out of nowhere and is proving to be a dominant force this year. We’ve gone from unranked (really, we were ranked somewhere around 40 before the season) to No. 5 in a few short weeks. This team is setting records like crazy and we’re improving every game.

Corey Brewer had the first triple-double in school history against JU. With all the superstars–Williams, Miller, Harvey, Nelson, Haslem, Lee, Walsh, Roberson–we’ve had in recent years, it’s surprising that Brewer’s was the first; I hope it’s not his last. The kid’s a sophomore! The irony, of course, is that he got a triple-double on a team that’s playing better team basketball than any Gator team I can remember. He had 13 assists, which is impressive considering he usually plays shooting guard or small forward.

Over the next few games, we’ll see what these guys are really made of. Miami will be a tough game, but if they can get through that game, it’s possible they’ll be 13-0 before starting the conference schedule. Not only would that be the best start in school history, but we should be sneaking up on the longest win-streak in school history. This could be a really exciting year.