Long but gratifying lesson

My lesson today lasted about 2.5 hours and that’s a long stinkin’ time. The good thing is that the entire lesson was instructive and useful and I feel like I learned a great deal about the two scenes I was working on this week. For next week, I think I’m going to try and find a good monologue from High Fidelity and I’ll work on my business plan. This Sunday, STAGE is having a “Christmas Party” and my instructor is recommending that I go ahead and join. Of course, if he recommends it, I’m in so I’ll see how that goes. Should be a good time and a new experience.

Stupid car

I own a ’98 Pontiac Grand Am SE. It’s a piece of junk and has been since I got it. Today, my “low (coolant) fluid” light came on when I was on my way to my lesson in Ft. Worth. I got it to Ft. Worth and decided I’d fill ‘er up with water after the lesson (I almost brought the DexCool, but decided to leave it at home). Well, after the lesson, I went outside with a little bottle of water only to find a big puddle of coolant next to the curb. Apparently, the car had sprung a leak and wasn’t doing too well. I decided to risk it, fill the reservoir with water and try to make it home. After an hour of staring at the temperature gauge and praying, I found myself in the parking lot of a car repair/maintenance place. The dude that was working (this is 9:30 or so at night and he said they shoulda’ closed about 3 hours ago) took a look and said he couldn’t see much and he’d look at it in the morning. He topped the reservoir off with water and told me where to leave the keys when I drop it off.

First off, I hate my car. Second, the dude at the repair shop should get some sorta’ medal just for taking a minute to look at my car even though he couldn’t see anything. I don’t know how that guy could’ve been there 3 hours after closing and still be willing to say, “Just pull it next to the bay over there, so we can have some light.” Here’s to the nice guy at the repair shop.

No, this post has no point.