Dinner with friends

Since I moved to Dallas, I’ve been quite the hermit. I hadn’t really noticed it until tonight when a friend and his wife invited me over to dinner. I hesitated before I accepted the invitation, but then I asked myself, “What’re you gonna’ do if you don’t go over to their place for dinner?” The answer: Sit around watching TV and reading like I do every other night.

Anyway, it was nice to get out and see some friends and get off the couch. I need to get out more often… maybe I’ll go to Florida for a week or something.

Workout busted

I decided to take a nap after work and before my workout today, but when I finally got off the couch and went to the gym, they were closed. I guess they had posted signs saying they’d be closed today for Good Friday, but I never bothered to read them. Maybe I should start payin’ attention to stuff like that; it’d save me some time if nothing else.

Basketball tomorrow

I didn’t get to shoot around too much this week, but I still feel like I’ll probably play well tomorrow. I guess there’s no telling since I’m often not even awake at 9 when we play, but I’m hoping to start steppin’ it up. Last week, I played pretty well, but I still have a lot of room for improvement. I guess I’ll just wait and see.