Moving back to Florida

I’ve accepted a job offer in Gainesville, FL and I’ll be moving back in a couple weeks. I don’t have too much to say about it now, but I’ll write more soon.

UPDATE: I’ll be leaving Dallas on Monday, October 2 and should be arriving in Gainesville on Tuesday evening. My original plan was to work through Tuesday or Wednesday, but I decided there’s just not much to do here, so I figured it’d be easier to pack and load the truck on a weekend.

The rest of my time here will go by very quickly. I’ve already started packing my stuff into boxes (my bedroom and closet are essentially done) and I’ll continue packing throughout the week. Friday night, I play a local Tournament of Champions, which is a single-table tournament with a $50 buy-in and an additional $2500 overlay. I’m positive I can win this tourney and it’s a deepstack event, so that makes it even more likely. Saturday morning, I’ll pick up my moving truck and start loading it up. I’ll work on loading the truck through Sunday night. Monday morning, I’ll start heading back to Florida. Right now, the plan is to stop off around Jackson, Mississippi on Monday night.

Once in Gainesville, I’ll start unpacking pretty quickly and hopefully be done moving in to my new place by Thursday. Then I have to do all the usual “new resident” stuff like getting my car registered in Florida and eating at Newberry Backyard BBQ. Saturday is our Homecoming game (homecoming indeed) against LSU. Sunday, I’ll probably visit a church and rejoin the basketball league I played in while at school. Monday and Tuesday will be more of the “new resident” stuff and I’ll probably start work on Wednesday, October 11 or so.