Lookin’ up

In my last post, I mentioned I’d tried online poker and hadn’t done so well. After I played those SNGs, I decided to try Low-Limit (or really Micro-Limit) Hold ’em ($.25/.50). I didn’t do so hot at first, but after losing the first couple times I played, I’ve been winning and I should be recovering the bit I lost on the SNGs to begin with.

I’ve decided the SNG strategy was a bad one and I need to stick with Limit Hold ’em for a while. Limit is simpler and will protect me from bad beats more than No Limit or the SNGs would. Obviously, I’m playing super low limits and I hope to move up to $.50/1 in a week or so. Slow and steady…

Fantasy Football a reality?

My buddy called and asked if I wanted to be in a Fantasy Football League and, because I’m stupid, I said I’d do it. We had our draft tonight and I guess my picks were ok, but we won’t know anything until they start playin’ the games. I’m only mildly interested in the NFL, but I’m very interested in college football. Florida’s first game is less than two weeks away and I’m hoping to be there. Anyway, maybe I’ll do alright in Fantasy, but I don’t plan on putting too much work into it.