Gainesville trip: Day 5

We spent most of the day at the annual End-of-the-year Crusade Picnic. I think this was my sixth such picnic and it was the first time I’ve actually stayed for the whole thing. We had a good time goofin’ off, playin’ frisbee golf (Frolf) and Ultimate Frisbee. It was an all around good time, but it sapped my strength for the rest of the day, so this post is about to get even more uninteresting.

Crusade with old guys emceein’

I emceed the 2002-2003 school year at Crusade, but had only been on stage once since then. Last night, my former co-emcee and I talked to the CRU Planning Team leader (who’s actually our protege) and we all decided to pull an emcee gag. Basically, us old guys got up as though we’d never officially left and declared that we’d been on vacation for a few weeks, but we were glad to be back. From there, we did our regular routine of improving and doing everything unscripted (because that was the way that we got the best response from the audience). Then, this year’s emcee came walking in (intentionally late on his cue because he was trying to rattle us) and asked if we are still playing hide and go seek. We told him yes and did you hear us say ‘one hundred’ yet? He said no and we asked where his bindings were and how he got untied. He said he had opposable thumbs and just reached down and undid the stuff. We said we shoulda’ tied his hands. Anyway, that was the gag, then we turned it over to him and everything when on normally from there.

Jumanji house

After Crusade, a bunch of us went over to this house to celebrate a recent (as in, at the meeting an hour before) engagement and just hang out for the end of the semester. Basically, it was a big, hot house where people were walking around and talking and being sweaty. It was fun and gross.