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Should you tell companies about part-time college jobs?
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It can be tricky to figure out which career history to share on your résumé or during an interview. Here are some thing to consider when deciding what to share.

The question

Do you think I should say in an interview I was working as a receptionist during my studies even though the job I am applying is not related in any way?

My answer

My opinion on this is just based on how I would feel if I interviewed someone and they mentioned this in the interview.

If it’s the only work experience you have, or if it’s part of a very short work history, you might as well include it on your resume and I think it’s fine to share during the interview. It’s better to show some work experience than no work experience.

And although your work as a receptionist isn’t directly related to the job you’re applying for, it demonstrates that you were focused and dedicated enough to work as a receptionist and finish your studies. Focus and dedication are both great qualities that interviewers are looking for.

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