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Here’s what I’ve been working on since I quit my job
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It’s been a productive six weeks since I quit my job, so I thought I should catch you up!

What I’ve been up to

I published Mastering Business Email—a book and toolkit to help people write more professional emails and launched Email 101—a free email course with simple guidelines to write more professional emails.

Publishing Mastering Business Email was a great experience because I got to go through the self-publishing process end-to-end. I wrote a traditionally published book a couple of years ago, but that process is totally different from the self-publishing process. Now I know what I didn’t know, and I’m ready to publish Fearless Salary Negotiation.

I also gave a talk on “How to ace your next interview” at the Gainesville Dev Academy, a local developer school here in Gainesville. That talk was a lot of fun, and it was really encouraging to see how interested and engaged the students were. I was reminded how much interviewing and negotiating salaries can seem like magic sometimes, and I was reminder that Fearless Salary Negotiation can help of lot of people demystify many things that seem magical.

I’m returning to the Gainesville Dev Academy for another talk on “How to negotiate your new salary” pretty soon as everyone in the current class is about to graduate and start looking for work. It’s really neat to have an opportunity to work with the entire class to walk them through interviewing and negotiating their salaries and it feels good to know I can help them all.

What I’m working on now

Now that Mastering Business Email is published, I’m focusing full-time on finishing and publishing Fearless Salary Negotiation—A step-by-step guide to getting paid what you’re worth. The book is written, and I’m building the other materials and tools that will make it useful and accessible to everyone. I’m homing in on a release date and hope to announce pre-orders pretty soon!

I’m also working on several short articles to address common questions I’m asked about interviewing, salary negotiation, promotions and raises. I tend to write longform, and shorter posts will be a fun new thing I can try. So keep an eye out for those pretty soon!