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Announcing “How to get promoted in 7 days”, a free email course
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Everyone wants a promotion, but most people won’t actually ask for one.

That’s why, on May 14, I’m launching How to get promoted in 7 days, a free email course with step-by-step instructions to confidently request your next promotion.

How to get promoted in 7 days will help you make your best possible case for a promotion and I’ll show you a step-by-step process for presenting that case to your manager. Along the way, we’ll evaluate the key components of your job so you can be sure you know exactly where you stand, and we’ll summarize your best accomplishments and stretch assignments you’ve completed.

What if I’m not ready for a promotion?

It’s a fair question that we often ask because promotions seem like things that are granted to us by companies when they feel like it. But the reality is you don’t need to wait for a promotion to come to you.

Here are some common reasons we talk ourselves out of asking for that promotion, along with my response for each one—many of these may sound familiar:

  • I don’t even know how to ask for a promotion. Do I ask in person? Through email? You will start by asking in person, then follow up with an email. I’ll walk you through both!
  • What if my manager says “no”? I’m going to help you put together a very strong case to minimize this possibility. But even if your manager does say no, that’s ok because you can still say, “Ok, I understand. Can you help me understand why I’m not ready for a promotion so I know what to work on?”
  • Do I deserve a promotion? It’s not about the time you put in, but the value you add to your company. I will help you demonstrate that you’ve earned a promotion.
  • Do I just need to work harder and harder until I get a promotion? It would be nice if it were this simple, but this just isn’t how companies work.
  • Don’t I have to wait until my next performance review? Nope!

You can do this, and I’ll walk you through it step-by-step in this free course!

What will we cover?

Each day, I’ll send you a short email with specific objectives and clear instructions for that day. I’ll also explain why we’re doing that day’s activities, and I’ll give you very specific action items at the end of each lesson.

Here’s our 7-day roadmap:

  • Day 1: Let’s go get it—An introduction and we squash some common reasons people give for not asking for a promotion.
  • Day 2: Define your goal—You’ll clearly define your target job and identify the differences between that job and your current job.
  • Day 3: Produce results to show you’re ready—You’ll put together a game plan to demonstrate that you’re ready for a promotion to your target job.
  • Day 4: Document your accomplishments and accolades—You’ll gather the evidence you need to make your best case for your promotion.
  • Day 5: Prepare your case—You’ll prepare to talk to your manager and draft a written request for your promotion.
  • Day 6: Present your case—You’ll ask for your promotion and then follow up with a request in writing.
  • Day 7: Wrapping up and looking ahead—We’ll discuss the possible outcomes of your request and make a plan for each one.

Once you’ve completed the course, I’ll send you my free guide on How to get your next promotion, so you can refer back to it at any time.

How to get promoted in 7 days is free!