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9-Ball is totally… hilarious?
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Today, as on many other boring Sunday afternoons, I turned to ESPN to keep me entertained. Sure enough, there was some Women’s 9-Ball Championship action, and it couldn’t have been more hilarious. Before you can experience the hilarity, it’s necessary to invest a little time watching a match, but it’s completely worth it.

After each match, ESPN will show the obligatory close-up shot of the loser. This moment must be savored as it is ever so brief, but jam-packed with unintentional comedy. In all of television, there may not be so much venom, ill-will and implied nastiness in such a short time as is consistently shown in this moment. One can only imagine the loser’s evil, evil thoughts as she eyeballs daggers directly into her opponent’s soul.

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  1. No, it was “Allison” (who I’ve seen before, and who also provided many, many awesome evil-eyes) and Jasmin something-or-other.