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Hail is bad

I guess this is basically common knowledge, but after driving through a couple hail storms today, I’ve decided I don’t like hail. Upon further review, my car isn’t a fan either. First, I was driving a little south of Macon, GA when a little hail storm broke out. I figured the best thing was to get out of the way, so I took the next exit and sat under a gas station overhang for a bit. When the coast was clear, I hit the road again.

I drove about 20 miles before I got to the end of the Macon bypass. Then, the sky opened up and spat freakin’ ice rocks all over my car. I thought maybe I should stop under the overpass, but there was no room in the inn. I pulled past the overpass and off onto the shoulder, but it seemed kinda’ silly to just sit there and take that kind of abuse, so I slowly continued moving north. A couple minutes later and the sky cleared and it was smooth sailing to Atlanta.

Turns out I was supposed to just stop on the side of the road and ride out the hail storm. I kinda’ figured there wasn’t much difference between sitting there and moving two or three miles per hour up the highway. Maybe that was stupid, but I’m pretty sure I got outta’ that hail storm a lot faster than those dudes parked on the shoulder. I am dumb.

Anyway, I didn’t inspect my car until I got to Atlanta, and I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I’d be. Looks like there are only about 10 dings on and most of them are on the hood. My guess is that the hood is made of a different metal than the rest of the car; I can’t think of any reason that there are hardly any dings on the drunk or sides. In fact, the hail seemed to be coming from behind me, so I would expect most of the damage to be to the rear of the car. I guess this is further evidence that I am dumb.

So, I get to look forward to filing an insurance claim and giving my car up to the dealer indefinitely while they fix it. Super.

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