in Cash Game Recaps

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Day 1 in Shreveport

So far, so good. I played $4/8 Limit Hold ’em for two and a half to three hours and won $43. I figure that’s somewhere between 1.5 and 2 BB per hour, so I’ll take it. I didn’t experience much variance because I was card dead for most of the night. I didn’t play many hands and I won most of the ones I played. I felt I played pretty well, but it was a pretty soft game, so that’s not saying much.

There’s a $60 tournament with re-buys tomorrow morning at the Eldorado and a $115 single buy-in freeze-out tomorrow morning at the Horseshoe. If anything I’ll play the Horseshoe tournament, but I’m still debating. I kind of think I should play it just to see what I can do.

I also won $33 at blackjack. My buddy was playing a $10 table, and I was watching and got bored, so I jumped in. I bought in for $20, put $5 down and then was told, “This is a ten dollar table, sir.” So, I sheepishly put in another $10, lost it and then went on to turn my last $10 into 50-something bucks. Not too bad for a pure luck game.

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