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More on Europe

There will be five of us going and we’re leaving May 15 and returning May 30. I can’t remember all of the itinerary, but we’re flying into Rome and flying out of London. I think we’re going from Rome to Florence, then we’ll travel through the South of France via rental car, then over to Switzerland, then up to Paris and finally to London. It seems like there’s another place or two, but that’s the general idea.

I’m really excited to be experiencing something so new. I’ve never been north of West Virginia and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans have been the East-West boundaries for me so far. Suddenly, I need a passport and I have to make sure I can get two weeks off of work in May.

I still have a lot to learn since I haven’t a clue about backpacking and what that entails. I know I’ll be taking a camera and I only hope I’m motivated to use it. I’m typically lazy about taking pictures and rarely get any good shots when I travel. Maybe my friends will take the camera and get some good stuff.

Anyway, this bland post is just to say I’m definitely going to Europe and I’m really excited about it. I’ll most more details as they become available.

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