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Vegas: Day 4 report

Short but sweet: Lost $25 on a hand of blackjack. I figured I’d take a shot at breakin’ even on $25. Basically, if I could double-up three consecutive times without losing, I’d break even. I figured the odds weren’t good (assuming I have a 50% chance of winning a hand–a bit generous, but good enough for an estimate), so I would have about a 12% chance of winning three straight and breaking even. Unfortunately, I was dealt a 20 and the dealer was showing 3. Of course I stood and the stupid dealer shows an 8 and hits a 10 for 21. I’m anxious to find out what the odds of that garbage are.

Anyway, today I lost $25 and won $5 at Keno. That brings me to down $214 for the trip. Not bad since I had allowed $600 and had set aside $1000 to play with.

Overall, I had a great time. My friend that I roomed with had his family here as well. We went to a lot of very nice restaurants and an improv show last night. I mean, even without that stuff, I stayed at the freakin’ Bellagio for three nights. But eating at a few Bellagio restaurants, watching my friend’s uncle play over $100 a hand at blackjack and spending time with great people made for a really good trip.

Now I have to save up my energy to go to L.A. next Tuesday. I’m totally beat.

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