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Third and (hopefully) final day of filming

One reason I haven’t posted the name of the short that I shot is that there isn’t a name yet. The producer was soliciting ideas from one and all yesterday, so I’ll be trying to think of a clever name.

Anyway, yesterday was the final day of principle photography and it went pretty well. I really felt comfortable all day and finally felt at home with the idea of being on set and having other people depending on me. It was a really fun experience and went very smoothly. It’s been neat to see practical applications for my training and I’ve really felt prepared while shooting. It’s also been reassuring to have the director, assistant director, producer and other actors tell me that what I’m doing is funny and real. A couple times, I’d finish a scene and then have someone tell me they really liked what I did, that it was funny, or just worked well for that scene. And that was reassuring because sometimes I wouldn’t necessarily be going for funny, but just doing what I felt the character should be doing at that time.

All in all, this was a really great experience and I feel fortunate that this was my first shoot. The people I worked with were excellent and I really learned a lot about making a movie and what it’s like as an actor to film something substantial. I’m grateful that I shot a short as my first movie and I think it was just the amount of work and commitment that I could take at this point. Between working full time, having a friend in town and making the short, I’ve been really exhausted, but it’s been worth it.

The class that made this movie will be making five more as the semester goes on. I’m going to keep in touch with people in hopes that I can land a role in at least one of the other shorts. I will be getting a DVD copy of this short sometime in the next couple months and the “premier” for all the shorts for the semester is May 7. I can’t wait to see the finished product and I hope it’s good. It’d be great if I can be in two shorts at the premier, too.

I said that I this was “hopefully” the final day of filming because there’s a possibility we’ll have to do some re-shoots next month. I hope I can dodge that bullet, but I might have to redo as scene or two before it’s all over.

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