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Irony is fun

Well, I was saying how poorly Thursday’s audition went… and then I just got an e-mail offering me the lead. I’m really excited, but also conflicted. I read for three parts in another student film today and the audition went really well. I felt much, much better afterwards than I did on Thursday. Also, they asked if I had any conflicts this weekend–when they’re shooting–and I said no. Of course, technically, at the time I didn’t have any conflicts. Now I have this small conflict where I’ve been offered a role in another film.

Anyway, I e-mailed the ol’ acting coach asking him for input. I have till Monday at 6pm to tell Thursday’s auditioners if I’ll do it. Although I’d love to book both jobs, I almost hope today’s audition didn’t go as well as I thought and I don’t book it. At least that way I won’t feel bad for having to bail on someone. But it also seems like that’s part of the business. I audition for stuff that overlaps just like they audition multiple people for each part.

Anyway, it’s exciting that I booked the first short that I went out on. Also, the role I booked looks pretty fun. The short is a mockumentary about “free-running” and it’s pretty funny and well done. It seems really tongue-in-cheek and ridiculous, which is very much my style.

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