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Eighth Meisner class: The Finale

Tonight was different than any other night so far. I wasn’t nervous and my scene felt stronger than any other. Of course, I’m not too sure how well it actually played, but I’m pretty sure it was my best yet from beginning to end. Specifically, the beginning was good. My ‘preparation’ was solid and a classmate said he ‘believed me’ when I entered the scene. That’s what it’s all really about: being believable.

Anyway, it ended on a great note and, while I was glad it was over, I thought it ended really well.

Next up?

My Meisner coach says she has a little play (or some ‘vignettes’) that she wants to get some people together to work on. She said she needs eight and the four in our Meisner class are all in. It’s neat because we’ll work on it in a workshop environment–3 meetings a week, 3 hours a meeting for 2 weeks–and perform it during our last session. She’s sending the script out pretty soon so we can memorize it during the holidays. I think we’re getting together for a cold-read in a couple weeks (assuming I’m still in town).

Anyway, it sounds pretty exciting and should be fun to work on. I’m looking forward to doing some acting.

What about an agent and such?

Well, I’m going to contact my coach tomorrow to see what he thinks I should do before Christmas. Basically, I have a bunch of ‘mailers’ ready to go and I just need somewhere to send them. I hope to get representation soon and maybe start working (in commercials or small films) early next year. I think I just need to keep the ball rolling.

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