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Florida: Days 3 through 5

Well, hurricane Frances has come and gone… and where I’m staying, the power is gone as well. I’ve had a great time over the past few days, but we haven’t had power and it’s been difficult getting around town and sleeping because I don’t sleep well in the heat. All my clothes are perpetually damp because we’re at around 100% humidity and we have to keep the windows open to keep the house from getting too stuffy.

I’ve played poker a couple times since I got here and I’ve been doing well. I had lunch with a good friend today and we had an awesome conversation that I’ll mull over for a while, I’m sure. Mostly, I’ve just been hanging with friends, playing cards and goofing off. This isn’t how I would’ve planned my vacation in Florida, but I can’t say it’s disappointing at all. I’m really enjoying my time and I’m glad I have several days left here.

I’m sure it’ll only get better. Hopefully, I’ll have more to write about over the next few days, but I think things might keep being sort of uneventful yet fulfilling.

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