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Open letter to weight room loiterers

Dear loiterers

I know that working out can be exhausting at times and that we all need to rest and catch our breath, but please do your resting and breath catching somewhere other than on the machine I need to use. Sure, I often do multiple exercises on a few different machines and, no, I don’t expect all those machines to be unused while I’m not on them. But please, if you’re going to use something, just use it and get off of it. You may have three more sets of legs to do, but there’s no need to sit on the leg press machine while you’re getting psyched up for your next set. Go get some water, walk around, talk to someone, so I can get a set in there too.

I know you’re tired, but I’m busy and need to get home at a reasonable hour. It’s tough to do that when I spend an extra twenty minutes or so rearranging my workout to accommodate you as you perch on something I need to use.

Thanks for listening


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