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Game 3 much better

Tonight was the third basketball game of the season for our league team. We saw a dramatic improvement from last game to this in pretty much every aspect of our game. We played better defense, executed better on offense, had more transition buckets because of our defense and we opened up the floor with good perimeter shooting.

Personally, I had a great game: 17+ points, 4 assists, 2 steals, 1 rebound and 0 turnovers (that I can remember). This was a huge improvement over the last two weeks when I averaged 3.5 ppg. I knocked down at least 3 3-pointers and 4 2-pointers and I might have had 2 more points or so.

That being said, I need to improve my ball handling. I ran Point for most of the game and, although I didn’t have any turnovers, it wasn’t pretty at times. The other team pressured me a few times and I wasn’t pleased with how I responded. Usually, I found a good pass to make to bail myself out, but I hoped I would be more capable of handling the ball on my own. As the line says, 0 turnovers, but there were a few close calls. Also, I need to work on my attitude. We were winning by about 20 and I was still upset when I didn’t get a foul call and I was first to jump on a double-dribble by the opposing team. I just thought I got too wrapped up in the game and I wasn’t having enough fun.

The end.

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