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Much better for Game 2

We played our second game of the season on Tuesday and I think we played significantly better than we did in Game 1. Our passing was virtually non-existent in Game 1 whereas we used it very well in Game 2. We ran a faster-paced, up-tempo style offense that suited us very well and we dominated the boards, which gave us a lot of second-chance points. We ended up winning by 13, which was the margin we held for pretty much the whole game.

Personally, I could’ve done a lot better, but I didn’t play poorly. I made good plays, but had trouble finishing around the basket. I only had 3 points on a 3-pointer early in the game. After that, I was all steals and passes. The good news is that I had a lot of chances for points inside because my team was passing well. Normally, I play better around the rim anyway, I just wasn’t getting it done last night. I figure if we keep playing the same and I remember how to finish, I could easily average 10 points a game from here on out. That ain’t bad for 18-minute halves with a continuously running clock.

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