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Game 1, done

Well, the good news is we won by about 15. The bad news is that we played pretty poorly, especially during the first half. Basically, our team just needs to be a little more organized with subbing, defense and offense. Other than that, we’re super!

Our subbing was all outta’ wack because no one knew who’d sat and for how long, so when it was time for the sitters to go back in, no one knew who should come out. Our defense was shaky because we didn’t discuss it at all before the game, so on our first defensive possession, we were literally just sort of running around and trying to make sure they didn’t put the ball in the hoop. Offensively, we were just out of synch and we really didn’t have a game plan. In the future, we need a few people to have set responsibilities–a point guard for instance.

For me, personally, I have a lot I could work on, but the biggies were that I wasn’t comfortable with my jump shot, so when I had open looks I put up bad shots. That’s not how I typically play and I’m hoping that was just nerves or something. I also never really got into a rhythm, mostly because the game seemed so short. I ended up with a measly 4 points, a couple rebounds, a couple assists and that’s about it. I also drew 3 fouls on the other guys while committing none myself.

Basically, I think our team can play really well, but we need to be more organized and discuss a game plan before next week. I’m sure we’ll cover that on Saturday at practice.

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