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Weeks fly by

It’s really unbelievable how quickly time passes for me here. When I was in school, I generally felt time move in days and I counted down the semesters in weeks. Here, time passes in one-week increments and I’m counting passed time in months. I think most of this is because of my monotonous schedule: when I was in school, every day was different and ‘routine’ wasn’t part of my vocabulary; now, every week is similar and routine is the dominating characteristic of my life.

I guess this is ok for now, but it’ll drive me nuts if I’m this wrapped up in routine forever. I don’t know if I’ll be a successful actor, but if I am I’m looking forward to having unique days again. I’m sure there’s some monotony involved with shooting a film, but I’m betting there’s also a lot of variety and hopefully that’ll help time feel like it’s passing slower.

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