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Big ol’ Texas storm

I had dinner at my friends’ place tonight, but had to leave a little early ’cause there was a big fat thunderstorm headed my way. The drive home was on a main highway that’s pretty flat with few trees and buildings around, so I could see a lot more of the sky than I usually can in the city or on other highways around here. There are a lot of thunderstorms in Florida, and most of them have a lot of lightning, so that’s nothin’ new to me. But for some reason, the lightning that came with tonight’s storm was pretty impressive to me. I’m not sure if it was because I could see more of the sky than I usually could in Florida, or if the storm was just different than what I grew up around, but this lightning was really something. Lightning was streaking across the sky at a rate of about one bolt a second. Some bolts were horizontal, some vertical, some a single strand, some several strands flashing together. But the really odd thing was that there was virtually no thunder. I mean, some of this lightning was really bright and vivid, and (probably because I’m used to Florida thunderstorms) I would expect to hear a big boom after a particularly bright flash of lightning. But there usually was no boom. It was pretty eerie, but really beautiful at the same time.

I hope I get to see some more of this cool Texas lightning before I move on.

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