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Wacky workout schedule

Ideally, my workouts (or at least the weight-lifting ones) are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Because of my schedule and my laziness I haven’t had a set routine in several weeks. I mean, once I’m in the gym I do about the same stuff every time, but it’s a matter of actually getting there. I did my Friday workout yesterday and last Monday’s workout on Tuesday. Today, I went to the gym and played basketball–a little one-on-one and mostly just some shooting around–for about an hour and a half. No weight lifting. Tomorrow, I’ll do my Monday workout and then I’ll play it by ear for the rest of the week.

I guess the reason my schedule is so wacky is that, right now, my ultimate goal is to get into the best shape possible, so I can be ready for the basketball league that starts in June. Basically, I’m hoping to be at my best during the league and that means I’ve gotta’ work pretty hard right now and until June 15 when everything starts. I’m still very focused on weight-lifting, but with the intention of getting stronger and faster, so I’m a better basketball player. I’ll save the benefits of weight-lifting as seen on the basketball court for another post.

Early day on Friday

I put in 9.5 hours today, which means that if I work the standard 8 hours for the next 3 days, I’ll leave at 2:30 on Friday. Of course, my goal will be to work that time down to around noon, but I’m not sure if I’ll have it in me. My acting lesson is cancelled this week, so I’ll have a little more flexibility, but I just don’t know if I can stay at work past 5 o’clock for the next two days. I guess it’ll just depend on how busy I am.

And now it’s time to sleep.

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