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Finally setting in?

Not surprisingly, last week’s trip to Gainesville has reminded me of what I’ve left behind and where I’m going. What is surprising is how rough it’s been my first day back. When I first moved here, I wrote how I didn’t take it as hard as I thought I would. It seems like I had somehow delayed the inevitable and my trip to Gainesville seems to have catalyzed those feelings of loss that I anticipated in January. I’m sad to be back here and I miss my family and friends. This week will be rolling starting tomorrow, so I guess I hope I’ll just be caught up in the routine as I have been for a few months now. I’ve said many times how I can’t picture myself being an engineer forever, but even now, the thought of being an actor is difficult to bear. I mean, acting sounds great, but I’ll probably still be just as alone as I am here, only I’ll be alone in California, which could be better or worse.

Anyway, I do take solace in knowing that my situation here is all but permanent. I just hope that, in the next phase of my life, I have friends around me to experience it. Back to the couch.

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