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Gainesville trip: Day 2

I was up until 4:30 last night; I haven’t been up that late since before I left here, I think. The CRU leadership meeting was good and it was great to see everyone. It was also really good to hear what all has been going on here during Spring semester and to hear what they have planned for the Fall. After that meeting, a few of us went back to a friend’s place and played Scene It!, which is basically a movie/pop-culture trivia game. It’s played with a gameboard and a DVD and the types of questions are pretty clever and we had all had a pretty good time.

Then, we played the Spades, another first since I left. That went on till around 4, but I honestly don’t remember when we quit or too much about how we played because we were all so tired and delirious. Everyone was making pretty bad plays by the time it was all over and I got the impression that we weren’t so interested in winning anymore as we were in messin’ with each other and crackin’ jokes.

Just as we finished playin’ cards, we got a little surprise: One of the guys who was planning on coming up this week–late tonight or early tomorrow afternoon–switched shifts at work so he could come up last night. We didn’t get to hang out with him too much ’cause we were all already so tired, but it’s cool that he’ll be here today so we can start the goofin’ off and arguing over moot points that we do so well.


I’m about to go to my first ever support appointment with someone on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. It’s nice to finally be in a position where I can contribute something tangible to ministry and I can’t wait to get started. I also can’t wait to eat some freakin’ breakfast.

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