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A little encouragement

I’ve been in touch with my acting instructor from a couple summers ago and he’s been kind enough to give me a little guidance as I begin to seriously consider moving closer to the business. He’s given me a lot of useful information, but one of the best things he could have said to me, he said in response to my reference to myself as a “dreamer”: By the way “dreamers” are the ones that don’t actually have a plan or do something about their career. It sounds like you have a pretty smart plan so far. It’s good to know that, although I feel completely ignorant and naive (because I am), I’m making strides in the right direction.

Work is s-l-o-w

For a while there, work was fast-paced and interesting. But lately, because of some decisions “from the top”, things have been unusually slow and I’ve been trying hard to keep busy. This lull should be over by next week, but it’s going to be a difficult Thursday and Friday this week. I guess I can suck it up till Monday.

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