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Middle of the road

Well, after the first round of the Tourney, I’m right at the middle of the pack in two of three pools in which I’m participating. I’ll know about the third tomorrow. Middle of the pack is ok with me. Two years ago, when I won it, I was in about the same situation after the first round, so I feel it’s possible I can repeat this year. I’ve only lost one Sweet 16 team–Florida–so that puts me in good position for the rest of the tourney if the second round goes well. From here on out, I’ve pretty much picked favorites, so I guess I’m just hoping for as few upsets as possible. One exception is that I’m hoping to see Manhattan make it to the Elite Eight. If they pull that off, then I’m no worse for picking Florida to go so far.

Playin’ ball in the morning

I haven’t played basketball in a couple weeks, so I’m pretty anxious to get back out there. Last time I played, I had a miserable day, so I can only hope to improve tomorrow. By “improve”, I mean “score at least one point”, although I’m sure I won’t be satisfied with just a point. We’ll see.

Time to play catch up

And now it’s time for me to try to make up for some of the sleep I missed this week.

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