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Up and down Florida basketball season ends way down

What a horrible showing today. What a disappointment. “There’s always next year.”

Mediocre brackets

I picked a pretty conservative bracket, but I’m still getting burned by the few upsets I picked. I think the good news is that I only picked those upsets to win one game and then lose the next round, so they’ll each only cost me a point. Hopefully, I can make up ground with my Final Four predictions and the few upsets I do get.

Wired outta’ my mind

I tried to take a nap after work today and couldn’t fall asleep. I said yesterday that I was sure my lack of sleep would catch up with me tomorrow, and I think that’s inevitable now. I guess it could hit me tomorrow night, but I’m expecting to feel totally exhausted all day at work tomorrow. This is gonna’ be a rough Friday.

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