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Bad night’s sleep

I slept pretty badly last night, so I’m hopin’ for a better night tonight. I think the culprit may have been a combination of things, not the least of which was all the light coming in my windows. My bedroom is the best lit room in the apartment and I hate it. I like my bedroom to be as dark as possible because dark means more sleepy time. I think this weekend I might have to go buy some curtains… or at least something to put over the windows (I’m hoping for something other than garbage bags or tin foil).

Off to Ft. Worth

I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth “metro” area, but that title is really pretty deceiving. Tomorrow after work, I’m driving over to Ft. Worth to see a friend who’s in town, but I doubt that drive will feel as though I’m in a “metro” area. It’ll probably be about an hour and a half with lots of traffic and plenty of tolls. I’m not looking forward to the drive, but I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends.

March Madness is here

This post is actually a few days late, but I kept forgetting about the Madness until now. I’ve almost got my bracket finalized and then I’ll be entering at least two pools (both for small stakes: one for 5 bucks, one for 2 buck, winner take all). I won it two years ago and got demolished last year. That’s probably because I feel it’s necessary to take risks to win the pool, and last year’s risks didn’t pay off at all. I’ve tried to educate myself a lot more this year, so hopefully my bracket will look pretty good going into the Sweet 16 (if my teams are good into the round of 16, I feel confident I’ll pick pretty well from there on out).

I guess anyone could say that, though…

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