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Another Florida Basketball loss

Well, I said earlier that I thought the game would be close, but that I couldn’t say who would win. Of course, that was before I saw that Anthony Roberson got 2 fouls in the first 2 minutes of the game. I guess today’s game demonstrated how much Christian Drejer’s departure hurt our team’s depth. Once Roberson went out, that was pretty much it for the first half. Our backup point guards–Ryan Appleby and maybe Lee Humphrey–are both freshman and neither is “battle tested.”

Today’s game was one of the sloppiest I’ve seen on both ends of the floor and for both teams. The up-side is that I think we can beat Kentucky if we keep out of foul trouble (ASIDE: I thought the officials had a huge impact on today’s game… they called Roberson for two early fouls while they seemed relatively quiet on the whistle regarding fouls on Kentucky. I was pleased to see that, later in the game, they began calling fouls on Kentucky for hand-checking, reaching and bumping, but I think it was too little, too late. I mean, it was good to see those fouls being called, but those same fouls were being committed throughout the game, only they weren’t called early. I think that ambiguity had a serious effect on the outcome of the game. END ASIDE) and take better care of the ball. I only hope we get a rematch in the SEC Tourney.

Weird work week

Tomorrow will be the only day this week that I report to work as I usually do. Tuesday through Thursday will be spent either on a plane or in El Segundo, CA and I’ll have the day off on Friday (because I will have my 40 hours in by then). So, I get a short week and I get to fly out to California on the company’s dime. I’m hoping it’ll be as fun as it sounds and hopefully I’ll get some chances to use my camera while I’m out west.

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