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Ah, sweet couch-naps!

That means the furniture’s here and I’ve already had an incredible nap on the couch. I can only hope future naps are as great as today’s.

The Prelude

Of course, a good nap is best when preceded by much busyness. I played ball this morning for only the second time since I moved here. I played much better than the previous time, but I still have a lot of work to do. I haven’t gotten my shooting rhythm back yet, and I need to work on my court vision. Overall, I was pleased with my progress and I’m looking forward to playing again next Saturday.

I also helped a friend move an armoire from his cousin’s house to his apartment. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as we thought it would be and I enjoyed eating lunch and hangin’ out a bit with my buddy and his wife. It’s nice to have friends with whom I can spend the occasional Saturday afternoon. I mean, I like my apartment and all that, but friendship is irreplaceable.

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