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Blogging on location

…and by “on location”, I mean from my little office where I’ve finally set up my computer desk. It’s about time too, ’cause I was gettin’ sick of my previous setup. At first, I enjoyed being able to watch TV and then, on a whim, turn to my right and check my e-mail. After a while, I got tired of constantly having the glare of the computer screen shining on me while I channel surfed. It was almost like my computer was a conspicuous voyeur, monitoring my TV viewing habits, constantly asking Whatcha’ watchin’?. Of course, I realize that’s exactly what TiVo’s doing, but at least TiVo doesn’t have a big, bright screen constantly reminding me it’s there.

Special Delivery

After over five weeks of patiently waiting, my couch and loveseat will arrive tomorrow. As I cleaned out my living room this evening, I realized I’d been living as though my apartment were a hotel room and I was on vacation for a week: stuff everywhere, no organization, little true comfort and a continuously unfulfilled hankerin’ to clean stuff. After they drop the plushness off, I’m declaring an official naptime on my new couch. I’ve been dyin’ to take a nap on a big, soft couch since I got here and there’s nothin’ more frustrating than having to go get in bed for a simple little nap.

I’m tired of babbling and I know I’ll be bored out of my mind when I read this later, so I’ll end the misery now.

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