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Gator Basketball: Vandy vs. Florida I predicted that we’d win by 25–10 gained in the first half and the other 15 gained in the second half. After hearing that we’re only leading by 3 after the first half, I realize that we’re a little behind my prediction, but I still think we’ll win by 25. Obviously, that’s going to require quite a run, but I think we can pull it off. I think it’s possible because the Gator’s have been missing a lot of shots that would normally go in. I think if we keep hustling like we’ve been and our shots start falling, we’ll destroy Vandy. I mean, we should anyway, but it’s tough when the shots just won’t fall. Second Half Well, we won, but only by 10. I think we could’ve beaten them by 25 if our shots had fallen and they hadn’t shot over 50%. We obviously still have weaknesses in our post defense and I think today’s game demonstrated that we have problems with our post offense, too. The good thing is that our guys seemed to be playing a lot scrappier–chasing loose balls, creating turnovers and workin’ hard on the boards–and I think that’s something we’ve needed but lacked all season. If we can continue being productive from the 3-point line and shore up our post position, I think we’ll be a real contender in the Tourney in March.

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