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Need to start gettin’ out

I’ve been spending entirely too much time staring at my TV lately. Last time I was here (Summer 2002), I spent a lot of time reading and wasting money at Starbucks; I figure I might try getting back into that racket. I might burn a few extra bucks on Frappuccinos, but I figure the knowledge I’ll gain from all that reading is priceless (I should consider getting Mastercard to sponsor my blog).

Fast day at work

Today went by so fast, my head spun. I’m not sure what happened, but I lost (or really gained) about two hours some time this morning. Now, I’d like to think that the time went by so quickly because I was having fun or really buried in my work, but really, I think I totally zoned out for a bit. I just hope I didn’t fall asleep or something. Nothing could be more embarrassing than “the new guy” passed out, face down on some circuit board with drool drippin’ on my shoes.

Speaking of passin’ out… I’m headed to bed.

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