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I didn’t exactly go to a local church today, but I did listen a sermon from a church that’s about five miles from here. I realized that I could learn a lot about a church from just hearing a sermon (and by hearing one by the senior pastor), so I downloaded one and had a listen today. I decided I’ll visit that church next Sunday morning, so I guess the screening process was good.

Bought the camera

I’m the proud new owner of a FujiFilm Finepix F700 digital camera. It’ll be here in 7 to 10 business days via UPS Ground. I also went ahead and ordered a 256MB picture card, so I’m not cramped for space on the 16MB card that comes with the camera. I just hope I use it a lot and I don’t ultimately feel like I wasted some cash. I am fairly confident that I’ll use it plenty because I can think of numerous occasions when I wished I’d had a digital camera handy. Now I will, so hopefully I’ll use it.

Wrappin’ up the Wardrobe

I figure I’ll be done with Wardrobe by Tuesday (maybe sooner), and then I’ll get to move on to the third book. I’m lovin’ this stuff.

Blog ideas

A friend of mine requested that I write my opinions on the Gator basketball team, so I’ll probably do that in the next day or two. I wish I had seen all our games this year, but I feel I’ve seen enough to formulate educated opinions. I’ll also summarize this year’s team and compare it with teams from the past few years.

Also, I realized that one of the toughest things about the move to Texas was that I had no idea what I was getting into. So, I think I’ll write up a little entry on what all went into my move–planning, cost, things I bought, etc.–so that I have it for future reference. Also, I guess many of my peers will be experiencing a similar transition soon, so maybe they’ll find some useful information here.

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