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Weekends have new meaning

As a college student, weekends are really just part of the regular week. Fridays and Saturdays have hardly any unique significance. In fact, as an engineer, I found that my weekends were generally more difficult than the regular school week because I was trying to get caught up with my assignments and usually had a lab or project to do by the next week.

But now that I’m working full-time, I’ve found that weekends suddenly have a real significance again. I actually look forward to Friday afternoon and, although I don’t have much to do during my weekends, the prospect of just sitting around and relaxing is very appealing. It’s nice to enjoy weekends again.

Cleaning up

I’m finally beginning to clean up my apartment. Unfortunately, I don’t have much furniture, so cleaning up will be an incomplete task at best. Regardless, I finally decided I couldn’t stand seeing so much junk in piles all around my apartment, so I’m trying to organize things, throw trash out and tomorrow I’ll begin breaking down all the boxes filling my dining room. I also need to go out and find a computer desk to replace my broken one, so I’ll probably start looking for something tomorrow. As it turns out, the exact model desk that I had before is still on sale at Staples, but I don’t know if I want to replace it with an identical one. I’m not really sure what I want, but I guess there’s no rush, so I’ll take some time and find something I like.

Still deciding about the camera

I’m pretty close to making a decision, but I haven’t ordered anything yet. In the meantime, I went out yesterday and bought a disposable camera and got some shots of my apartment, just in case I don’t get anything soon enough to capture the disaster that is my home.

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