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Plano: Day 6

I went to a local church this morning and was a bit overwhelmed, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect. Now, what I expect is that, as I expected, I’ll be visiting a new church next week, and probably for the next several weeks. I’m both looking forward to and scared of church-hopping, but I think it’s necessary and I hope it’s only a means to a necessary end.

TiVo, up and running

My existence as a technologically dependant yuppie has been thoroughly improved, thanks to my new friend, TiVo. I went to some friends’ house for lunch and, while we ate, I let TiVo do its setup thing. Anyway, I’m enjoying it so far and the DVD player ain’t bad either.

No progress on the furniture situation

I didn’t even so much as think about furniture today, but I know I’ll need to get back to it tomorrow. Well, I take that back, I did think about it today, but only insomuch as I asked my friends to give me some feedback on their thoughts about a taupe colored sofa/loveseat. I still haven’t decided what I think, but that might not matter if I can get Rooms To Go to dig up a khaki sofa/loveseat of the same style. I’m going down there tomorrow.


I have to be at work tomorrow at 8 am for “orientation”, which will actually be re-orientation for me. Anyway, if all goes well, I’ll finish orientation at around 2 and have the rest of the day to look at furniture and stuff. Obviously, I’d rather hang out in my apartment and furnish it than work, but I gotta’ work to pay the bills. Such is my new life.

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